Board and Shareholders Advisory

A corporate has different constituent groups requiring advisory services, particularly when a decision making is required on specialist financial matters with major strategic impact. There is often the added issue of lack of information or a lack of time to analyse the specific situation.

DC Dwek Corporate Finance has the expertise in communicating with the Management Team, Board Committees, Non-Executive directors and with Shareholders and can provide independent advice when reviewing strategic options.

The company can also help understanding recommendations provided from alternative advisors, clarify pricing issues or provide support and coordination in the execution of transactions. The advisory process offers a number of additional benefits, including increased information flow between the board members, independent perspective as well as more in-depth debate prior to a unified decision.

For more information on improving boardroom effectiveness, click here. In certain situations David Dwek uses his advisory experience and joins the board of companies as a non-executive director.

David Dwek is a board member of Subsea Infrastructure Ltd and Silnir Cyprus Ltd, ( ) Vidmed Services UK and Vidmed Services Cyprus and was a Non-Executive director of Gilat Satcom for three years when whilst the company was publicly traded.