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With over 30 years’ experience, we act as a catalyst and work together with companies and investors to grow businesses and to complete successful domestic and international strategic transactions.

To align interests we can take board seats and acquire a shareholding in a business.



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Management Buyouts: Opportunities for divestments

There are attractive opportunities for management teams to purchase their companies from larger organisations, in particular where the business has become non-core. This appeals to vendors as business continuity is ensured, with the potential to retain some upside through an equity holding. Below, we provide a review of the process, the funding options and the … Continue reading Management Buyouts: Opportunities for divestments

Managing the Acquisition Process Effectively

Generating revenue growth for companies is more challenging to accomplish than cost cutting through a restructuring process. Acquisitions are therefore often perceived by senior management teams to be a more certain method of achieving their growth objectives. Whilst there is a greater willingness to complete deals, there remains a degree of uncertainty in the market … Continue reading Managing the Acquisition Process Effectively

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